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May 18, 2016


Frostgrave Terrain- Fourth Work In Progress

by PeterG

Finished the statue


Now I need a central fountain


The  statue painted up in minutes, no surprise there.  I used Games Workshop patina on all of the metal parts and highlighted in silver when it dried. Some staining, weathering on the stone work and it was done.  Now to get some fountains and troughs. Got to have cover from all those bow carrying underlings.



Not only is there room for miniatures but a player can access the space from two sides. Great sniper position as well.


I painted the interior of the stone building first.  Once this was done I could enclose it and finish off the roof, the interior of which I also prepainted.  Then it was a matter of working my way from one building to the next keeping my work neat to minimize clean up though some mess just made for nice distressing.  A wide, flat brush is a must for this with smaller flats for the trim.  The rougher masonry was painted with an old, beat up flat as were the shingles.


Colors coming along

Colors coming along


In addition to using different colors on the building fronts I tried to break up the colors of the interiors.  It may have no effect on the game but I like the look. It just gives it more of that lived in look or formerly lived in as the case may be.  The rubble was the most time consuming to paint because in addition to soaking up the paint there always seemed to be a part I missed.  Everything got a coat of a base color and highlighting though I still want to add more weathering in future.




If it didn’t become bridge or ladder then it’s rubble.


Careful, that last step is a doozy.


Not sure that decking looks safe to walk on.


I just love how the resin door adds fun detail. I’ll have to watch for more of those.


The rubble on the ground floor is mostly flat to accommodate the miniatures.


Not the healthiest looking grasses.


I finished the long row off with my own mix of flocking and tufts of brown grasses.  So far this is the piece I’m most excited about using in games.  It just has so many opportunities for cinematic moments and dramatic duels.  It also fills the last open space in my second “Frostheim” terrain box.  I’m either going to have to start a third box or reorganize what I have.  Who am I kidding? I’m going to reorganize into three boxes because I know how much more stuff I’m working on, like the columned ruins, and my modified Witchfate Tor.



The finished long row from the front.


The complete long row from behind.





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  1. May 18 2016

    Very Cool, love the Verdi Gris statue. Also appreciate that you are making the buildings look cohesive, yet leaving room for figures.

  2. Brian R Miller
    May 19 2016

    Absolutely smashing Peter. I really like how these turned out. I’m looking forward to seeing them in person on the table.


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