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March 20, 2016

Frostgrave Terrain- First Work in Progress

by PeterG

The Long Row gets timbers and a fancy plastic window. Looks like Banksy has been drawing stairs on the wall.


Here’s the opening stages of the one I call First Building.  Not very snappy, I know, but it is an accurate description.



Base coats done.


Such a calming blue interior.


The one I think of as Building Two simply because it was the second one I started working on.  Not sure why but the hole at the bottom of one of the walls didn’t work for me so I patched it up with some lightweight spackling compound.  One of the criteria for the first couple of buildings was that I wouldn’t have to do much construction and could go straight to painting.  As I was already spending the time patching a wall I didn’t see any harm in adding a little more detail but did compromise by making a partial stair.


Wall patched and broken stairs installed.

Wall patched and broken stairs installed.

The colors are inspired by one of the original cardboard Mordheim buildings.

The colors are inspired by one of the original cardboard Mordheim buildings in my collection.


The Long Row is going to take a lot of planning and work but I think it could become a wonderful piece and add verticality to our battle fields.  I started by rearranging some of the interior walls to make room for stairs, glued in foamcoare where the floors would be as well as gluing the entire thing to a piece of thin plywood.  Narrow, wooden coffee stirring sticks make wonderful flooring but have no strength so get glued on top of the foam core.  The ends of the planks extend past the edge of the foam core which will be painted in dark colors helping with the illusion.



Floor is glued in and drying as are the stairs.


Once the stairs dried they were glued in at the same time as the back wall section.


I use Tacky Glue for everything because it works on all the materials I’m using, the thickness greatly reduces oozing, and it cleans up with water.  It also remains a little flexible after it dries which I find adds durability to terrain pieces.  I used scraps, off cuts, and found items to build most everything but especially the bridges/ramps and ladders which are assembled largely from the scraps left from working on the buildings. One can never have too many of these items so I will be making many more of them in future.  I even have a short bridge AronBC made and gave me to add to the collection.  I put improvised railings here and there to look good and maybe reduce figures sliding off.  Think I’m going to have to glue some skulls and shields to some future constructions.




Two nine inch long bridges.


Twelve inch long bridge


A second twelve inch long bridge.


Some ladders plus a six inch bridge Aron gave me.


After struggling with how I would gable the roof to make a platform for the exterior stairs I planned to build I realized most of my problems would be solved if the end building was just another floor taller.  So I cut off the roof and glued in another floor.  Not only did this give me more height and two more windows to shoot out of but the end of the attic was screaming for a balcony.  You just can’t have too many odds and ends for figures to fire from or be shot off of in my opinion.


I decided the left side really needed another floor added.

I decided the left side really needed another floor added.


A wide flat brush combined with a wet palette makes short work of the bridges and ladders.  Good thing I’ve got plenty more scrap to build more.  We are going to need them.


BridgesDone2 BridgesDone1




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