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January 7, 2016


Three to beam up

by PeterG
The away team in progress

The away team in progress or training as I call it.  Guess that makes my desk Star Fleet Academy.


Once again I was enthralled by figures from Hasslefree Miniatures and being Star Trek homages I couldn’t resist.  Once the MicroArts base inserts had arrived these ladies moved to the front of the prep line.  Besides, the beginning of a new year should be a time of looking forward and what’s more so than space travel? They aren’t any particular characters but I think of them as Nurse Chapel, Yeoman Rand, and Lt Uhura. Being Kevin White sculpts they are lovely and sport some nice details.  I went with the three primary colors Star Fleet Old School uniforms came in as it just made sense with three figures and besides the yeoman sports a yellow uniform in more than one episode.

Yeoman Rand



She’s got a phaser and knows how to use it.


The details on the base just create such a great sense of environment.


This lady has better things to do than hand the captain a clipboard.


I tried to keep the details on the bases clean and the colors simple, almost what one might find on a television sound studio in the sixties.  As I may have mentioned in earlier blogs, I love the plastic base inserts MicroArts makes.  They really add  level of place, a sense that the figure is moving through it’s natural environment and are just so much fun to paint.




Nurse Chapel



She looks pretty sassy.


Bit of red and yellow on the base to balance all the blue.


She doesn’t look like she would put up with Spock throwing soup.


Lt Uhura



I like the addition of the tri-corder. Chapel needs one


It was the ear rings that really declared this to be Uhura


The deck textures are great and fun to paint all on their own.


Heading to transporter room.


I find myself wishing for more crew so I can build a foam core Gallileo 7 for them.



The Not Trek Ladies


Such nice sculpts, both minis and bases, make it easy to get good results.


Such lovely, formidable ladies and who serve no purpose in my collection except the joy they brought me in their creation.  I kept the bases nice and clean to match the sets of the original series.  Those miners chasing the Horta were spotless.  The bases would look great with weathering and damage, painted dirty, gritty, all Star Wars style.  Hmmmmm, seems to me I saw Jedi on Hasslefree’s website…







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  1. Jan 7 2016

    Very lovely!

  2. Brian Miller
    Jan 17 2016

    These look great! I agree the bases really suit the models well.


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