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August 8, 2015



by PeterG

The color scheme has come together.

The second edition of Kings of War is getting closer to arriving and I need a lot more ranged units for my dwarf force.  I had seven Hasslefree dwarfs armed with crossbows and I figured with some Scibor bits that would be enough to form a Troop. Gave them a rough test fit and I started painting dwarfs and building a base for them.



Okay, it all fits, now let’s make it look good.


With only seven miniatures, the painting went rather quickly.  Hasslefree minis are such nice little sculpts they really are a joy to paint.  That’s probably good as I have a dream of assembling an entire army of them.



Just waiting for the sealant


With the soldiers finished they needed their base.  I assembled it using a plastic movement tray (I’ve been collecting them for years), cork, mixed sands, and a resin fallen statue.  The texture is actually the carbon and other grains from used up water filters.  I glue it on the base after all the assembly is finished to add a natural texture and even out all my errors and odd shapes.  I use superglue to add strength.  Then it is simply a matter of primering, painting, and flocking like I would for any miniature.  I think they make nice pieces even without miniatures on them.


The finished base just waiting for inhabitants.

The finished base just waiting for inhabitants.


After sealant, each figure has a hole drilled in the heel of one foot in which a piece of brass wire is inserted to pin the miniature to the base.  I use the gel form of superglue as it is easier to control plus it is great for the lichen and grass tufts.  After the figures have been glued down I touch up the paint and add small tufts of grass and little clumps of lichen around their feet.



I begin the gluing process


Again, being a small unit with neither standard nor musician they assembled quickly.  Being Kevin White sculpts they are quite dramatic and look great together.







They really make an attractive unit when all finished.  In fact, I like them so much I’ve already started planning the Regiment of crossbows I want to build next as well as the Regiment of shieldbreakers.  Then, if I can get those two units finished I’m already picturing a Horde of Bulwarkers that need to join my army.



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  1. Aug 8 2015

    This is contending with your Mystery machine vignette as my favorite. So tight and cohesive!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aug 8 2015

    Love the way this one came together and how it matches the other bases in your army.


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