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MicroArts and CoolMiniOrNot bases

All sorted and ready for minis

All sorted and ready for minis. It looks like I have room for more bases even with the Secret Weapon ones added.


MicroArts Studios (, in conjunction with CoolMiniOrNot (, recently used crowdfunding (Kickstart- to begin producing themed plastic base inserts.  These varied widely with everything from Desert to Forest and Tech to Chaos Wastes, each included a number of three different sizes (20x 30mm bases, 12x 40mm bases, and 2x 50mm bases).  Being the base obsessed nut that I am I picked up several of these but of course no where near as many as I desired (really wanting some of those Desert bases once they hit the general market).  My collection includes; Planking, Tech, Arcane, Jungle, Pipework, Mystic, and Ancient.  The last two looking perfect for my dwarfs as well as general role playing while the rest either fit other genre’s or just appear fun to paint (I’m looking at you Jungle set).


Plug fits right into the base

Plug fits right into the base


The pieces are designed to plug into a round base but could easily be used on their own if one prefers a more streamlined look.  Personally, I have become very fond of this style of presentation as it feels like a matted frame around a nice piece of artwork and is large enough to hold interesting details and create a micro environment for the figure to exist in.


... and hardly any mold lines to clean up.

The one on the left is from Planking and the two on the right from Ancient.


The bases’ sculpts are creative, beautiful, and nicely varied within each set I received.  The injection molded plastic holds some very crisp detail and the mold lines are barely visible so make for very fast clean up.  That they have the potential to be much cheaper than resin is very exciting to an addict like me.  There are all kinds of fun bits to entertain the painter and viewer alike.  Everything from scorpions on the desert theme and magical pools on the Arcane to wires and piping of Derelict and the lush growth of Jungle.  As soon as I saw them I had to put a couple together to paint up immediately.  Besides, I had several figures that have just been waiting for the right presentation.


Belit has been waiting for a decent base.

Belit has been waiting for a decent base.


As I had two converted Hasslefree dwarf spearmen left over from my Kings of War Regiment (see previous posts) I picked out two of the Ancient set.  I also pulled out two of Planking to attach a couple of Hasslefree pirates I have been itching to paint. The Ancient two painted up easily and look great all on their own.


Painted bases

Painted bases

Same bases, different angle

Same bases, different angle


As I already had the pins in the figures’ feet it was simply a matter of finding where they fit best without any trimming.  I’ll adjust and remove details on future figures but wanted my first to be unadjusted. They really set figures off beautifully and will tie warbands together wonderfully in addition to personalizing role playing characters.  I am hoping we see even more themes in future but have plenty to keep me busy for quite some time.



Perfect fit


Even look good from behind.


I’ll be posting updates as I use more of these as I really love working with them.  Besides, Belit and her first mate are coming along well and deserve a photo shoot of their own.








The color scheme has come together.

The second edition of Kings of War is getting closer to arriving and I need a lot more ranged units for my dwarf force.  I had seven Hasslefree dwarfs armed with crossbows and I figured with some Scibor bits that would be enough to form a Troop. Gave them a rough test fit and I started painting dwarfs and building a base for them.



Okay, it all fits, now let’s make it look good.


With only seven miniatures, the painting went rather quickly.  Hasslefree minis are such nice little sculpts they really are a joy to paint.  That’s probably good as I have a dream of assembling an entire army of them.



Just waiting for the sealant


With the soldiers finished they needed their base.  I assembled it using a plastic movement tray (I’ve been collecting them for years), cork, mixed sands, and a resin fallen statue.  The texture is actually the carbon and other grains from used up water filters.  I glue it on the base after all the assembly is finished to add a natural texture and even out all my errors and odd shapes.  I use superglue to add strength.  Then it is simply a matter of primering, painting, and flocking like I would for any miniature.  I think they make nice pieces even without miniatures on them.


The finished base just waiting for inhabitants.

The finished base just waiting for inhabitants.


After sealant, each figure has a hole drilled in the heel of one foot in which a piece of brass wire is inserted to pin the miniature to the base.  I use the gel form of superglue as it is easier to control plus it is great for the lichen and grass tufts.  After the figures have been glued down I touch up the paint and add small tufts of grass and little clumps of lichen around their feet.



I begin the gluing process


Again, being a small unit with neither standard nor musician they assembled quickly.  Being Kevin White sculpts they are quite dramatic and look great together.







They really make an attractive unit when all finished.  In fact, I like them so much I’ve already started planning the Regiment of crossbows I want to build next as well as the Regiment of shieldbreakers.  Then, if I can get those two units finished I’m already picturing a Horde of Bulwarkers that need to join my army.