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February 8, 2015


Reaper Bones looking back

by PeterG
Unboxing the Bones

Unboxing the Bones


Between the impending arrival of the Bones II Kickstart rewards and my continued attempts to paint the figures I got from the first campaign it really seemed time to get this long intended line of progress up on the blog.  After some speed painting at KublaCon one year I discovered the benefits of painting a figure within a time limit.  It forces me to stop working through the endless ideas crowding around inside my mind whenever I take on a new project. Limiting my color pallet actually opens me up to different color choices as I find myself using the same combinations of bottled hues after a while.  When I’m not concerned with achieving a specific or consistent look for a unit I’m more open to those happy accidents and unintended lessons.


So many bags

So many bags


First off, there are a lot of figures, from numerous genre’, various sculptors, of all kinds of sizes so being bored with them probably won’t be a problem.  I splurged at the last minute and added a Cthullu because I’ve always wanted one.  After opening his box and test fitting his pieces I was blown away at the size and, being an old school gamer, pleasantly surprised at the light weight.  While the Bones plastic isn’t my favorite material to work with it is relatively easy to deal with.  I find most of the mold lines are simple enough to shave off using a very sharp razor blade. I prefer an Xacto #11 blade and find myself changing it every third figure or so.  Cthullu will be another story.  While Bones figures don’t need primer it is important to wash them before applying paint.  I drop them in a little warm water and dish soap before a quick scrub with an old tooth brush and rinse.


Such a big figure.

Such a big figure.  That’s a 25mm Witchhunter next to him for scale.


I’ll Be posting some of my progress as I go along.  I’ve got quite a few of them done and in need of photo-documentation so expect sporadic reporting.  Here are are a few of my early attempts.



Barbarian, perfect for RPGs and Crom


Back view.


This guy is a good example of quick decisions working out well.  Both the Tattoos and the stripe on his loincloth were what came out of the brush after I had been painting blue on another figure and I wanted to just get clean detail down quickly.



Wraith in transparent green plastic


Wraith back


Now the wraith was another learning opportunity.  Seems that spray sealant fogs the transparent plastic.  I found a brush on sealant can restore it but I actually prefer the fogged look for this figure.


I have a feeling these guys will be finding their way onto a Dead Zone battle field soon.

I have a feeling these guys will be finding their way onto a Dead Zone battle field soon.


The zombies were early choices simply because I knew I could whip them out in no time.  Still have a couple more in the pile to trim and base but I doubt they will take any more time to paint than these two did.  Now, how to tell Cthullu he has to get back in his box…






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  1. Feb 8 2015

    Love the Cthullu! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


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