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August 18, 2014

Work in Progress-Dinos!

by PeterG
Predator partway done

Predator partway done

In addition to the prehistoric figures and terrain Carmen does it is his amazing illustrations ( of dinosaurs that really got me going.  He is right up there with Bill Waterson in his ability to blend realistic anatomy, movement, and whimsey. These wonderful pieces gave me the impatus to take on the Hasslefree Miniatures ( that have been in my “Unpainted” collection.

First attempt

First attempt

I only have one of each but can tell I will need to build up my herd of herbivores eventually.  I like the analogous greens but may still add a compliment.  The base hasn’t been finished yet as I want to get a layer of mat sealant on the figure before I start adding on foliage.


Awaiting Sealant


Looks fast and hungry

The predator needed to be in warm colors, in my humble opinion, because red goes faster after all.  After I got his base colors down I feared he would look too much like a tiger if I used stripes.  Besides, the hadrosaur was already sporting her own bands.  Thinking of them laying in the shade, watching for prey, I decided to go with a dappled pattern.  I added a little black to blue green then highlighted with blue green.  I finished it off with spots of yellow white.  Fun figures that I think I will want more of even though I have no idea what game I would ever use them for though Crom comes to mind. I’ll post some more pictures once the ecosystems have been created.




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