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Dwarf Cavalry

While preparing the first of my Mantic Brock Riders I noticed I was missing the command packs so standards and leaders will have to wait.  That’s okay because a Troop is only five figures in Kings Of War and there is plenty of work to do before the pieces arrive in the mail.  As much as “Honey Badger don’t care!” the fur coloring would be too subtle for the miniature and less than interesting to paint.  That being said I decided on what I consider “classic” coloring. Classic being defined as my earliest remembered image of a badger from the pages of a very old copy of “Wind In The Willows”.  Hey, we all live in our own little worlds.  Mine is just packed full of books and tiny, painted people.  So, tangents aside, here is the finished prototype for my first unit of Brock Riders.  They will be joining the table glacier soon.



Badger-Front View

Badger-Side View

Now that I have the basics figured out I need to consider tattoos.  Now, back to writing my KublaCon 2014 post…