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Of Starships and Peanut Wars



Met some friends at Game Kastle in Fremont a couple weeks ago for Peanut Wars. Two whole days of miniatures gaming in a huge game store. It was the first of what I hope becomes a regular event because I want to attend both days next time. I saw some big games Sunday that were quite impressive.


Tom’s rules are still a work in progress

The first in that list and first I played was Starship! built, painted, and run by Thomas Foss ( who, of course, had also written the rules.  He is the creator of the highly entertaining Wooden Wars ( which I have written about in previous posts. In addition to glorious minis and easy to learn rules the game is designed with three dimensions in mind, it is space after all. So it may be easy to understand why I’d been looking forward to this. It really helped that Tom had provided all the ship stats for the players.


Alien Assault Force

Liquid shields shimmering the aliens swoop in on the colony.

The brave human defenders

Necron99 joined me in running the brave human fleet in defense of a colony under alien attack.  Tom and another good friend, Nils (, faced us across the void (well, the table actually but, again, it is a space game) and commanded the scarlet ships of the alien fleet.  Now, the aliens have a name but I forget it at the time of this writing so bear with me.

The flagship Yarmoth

The vigilant Hussar leads the way

I took command of the Battleship Yarmoth and her escort the Hussar while Necron99 commanded two carriers packed full of fighters and missiles. Another friend, Brian M, commanded the orbiting station, bravely facing the bulk of the invaders single handedly as we took the fleet around a small moon to attack from the flank to engage them piecemeal.  He was able to inflict some devastating damage on our opponents before overwhelmed by swarms of Mecha, who tore holes in the hull and exploded the engines.

Our fleet moves round the moon. One can just see the orbital station in the upper right hand corner.

Meanwhile, under constant fire, those aliens have some nasty long range Disruptors, I brought the massive broadside power of the Yarmoth into position.  In addition to range and speed, the alien ships boasted liquid shield technology that allows them to shift damage around.  If it wasn’t for the Hussar’s continual barrage and the clouds of fighters we launched I know the battleship would never have survived long enough to bring its powerful, short range guns to bear. Between those and the previously mentioned fighter wings we brought down both of our targets before turning back toward the main enemy fleet.

All stations fire! Note the Mecha being held at bay by our brave fighter pilots.

Take that, invaders!

Take that, invaders!

It was at this point that the relentless volleys of Mecha, missiles, and torpedoes took their toll, finally overcoming the defenses of the battleship and the valiant Yarmoth exploded. A pyrrhic victory as the humans were able to claim victory at the end.  A very fun game made all the more so by the gorgeous toys Tom provided. Now, back to the painting table because KublaCon is coming…


Convention coming


With KublaCon just next weekend I’ve been scrambling to finish some projects as well as figure out what I want to bring with me to play and share with friends. Given the enthusiasm of my last post, Kings of War tops the list.  Though speaking of lists, I’ve rewritten my list in part because I need more flexibility but mostly because I have three very old Games Workshop wights that have long waited for a reason to be painted or go through “Basic Training” as I like to call it.  I even have an old 1×3 base for them.



I mean, what’s not to love? They are great old sculpts I’m excited to have a reason to paint.  They will be finished and ready for the table this weekend.  They have to be or my flank is seriously in danger.  Now to finish the pieces I want to enter in the painting competition.

If you are at the convention, drop by the painting area to say Hello as I’ll be running a couple of how-to sessions.  One basic intro to painting minis and the other on painting Wooden Wars flats.  Speaking of which, I’ll be playing Wooden Wars as well, provided Tom has space for me…