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February 25, 2014

New Beginnings Delayed

by PeterG

As February is coming to a close I realize I have never gotten around to addressing the new year.  Hmm, tardy is better than never so here are my thoughts.  Pictures of progress next time.

TableWiPMy table glacier needs to keep shrinking so I have changed to a ratio of three trays of sealed figures to one tray primered.  Meaning, I have to finish three trays worth of figures before I allow myself to prime new ones.  The Bones figures snuck past my 2:1 ratio and have to be dealt with. I can’t just put a moratorium on any new figures primed as fresh toys keep creative juices pumping so a balance is always being sought.  On that note, having backed some wonderful crowd-funded (more on that soon as well) campaigns, I have a collection of figures and terrain I am eager to get started on and finish this year. KublaCon is at the end of May and makes a wonderful deadline for no other reason than so many friends are there to share new toys with. I see a number of figures for Ronin, peaking through the pile, I am going to have to do further research in order to finish.  Darn.

DZRebsSo until next progress report I leave you with the Dead Zone Rebels I painted in January. Fun little figures that are just screaming for some painted terrain…

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