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August 16, 2013

Table Glaciers

by PeterG
Better than it was

Better than it was

Here it is, that which my friend, Tom, named the table glacier.  It has actually cleared quite a bit since the beginning of summer as I have been really trying to clear old projects out.  I decided to address this after reading an article linking cluttered desks with creativity.  All I have to say is thank goodness!  There is some hope for me yet.  This is important because I have long admired the abilities to organize and stay neat that so many of my friends possess.  While I will continue to covet their usable work spaces I will chastise myself less, or at least try to, in future.



Since I am still working on a full post about Wooden Wars I will start simply with the General and his newly finished ADC watching over the training of my next infantry unit.  They must be drilled and trained by Pacificon for those who wish to see them in person and action.  More on this great game and the flats used to play soon (or go to  Peaking over the bag of 15mm SciFi infantry in back is a young cadet currently going through Officers Candidate School.



No, they aren’t casualties but they are finished.  Here is the tray of “trained” troops waiting for final sealant.  With the flats it is especially crucial as they will be the targets of rubber balls but, to repeat, more on that in a future post. Heck, just go to and check it out for yourself because no one says it better than the creator and no one paints them prettier than Tom.  Then come back when my humble offerings are complete in future and bring your patience.  While on the subject of future blogs, there are also three of the Reaper Bones Kickstarter minis here that I will also be addressing in a near posting.  So I have a backlog.  Please refer to the first photo if this is surprising.  The last is a Reaper Chronoscope of Doc Savage done for a friend’s collection.



Two more Kickstarter reward figures each about halfway finished. The first is the ogre hero from the Mantic Games first campaign, Kings of War and the second is another from the Reaper Bones package.  As I mentioned to Necron99, despite neither running nor facing a beholder in all my years of Role Playing Games I couldn’t wait to start painting this guy.  I don’t know if I will ever use him in a game and I don’t really care because it is such an entertaining figure to paint.  I even went crazy detailing the base with the scattered detritus of  it’s prior victims.


Here is the last piece of a mummified Slann priest I’ve been working on for ages.  All that’s left when I finish it is to cover the base with jungle plants, add a plastic cylinder and the lizards will have another weapon with which to make my life miserable.  No, it isn’t for my own collection but rather one I face regularly so I will at least get to enjoy how lovely it is zapping my flank with some cold blooded magic.

I may not have found the surface of my work table but I have painted a lot of the miniatures blocking it.  I used speed painting techniques for part of it but also ended up packing away pieces that I hadn’t looked at for a year or more.  Those are under the table in the picture heading this blog.  I have also greatly limited what I will let myself prep to add to the pile, understanding basic math after all but just can’t resist gluing together more of those wonderful wooden flats!  Got another unit of infantry waiting on the sprue after all.


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