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July 8, 2013

Charting course

by PeterG

I have loved learning and playing games my entire life.  How closely they are related was never clear to me until after I had become an educator. Through repeated conversations with friends and colleagues I realized this was universal.  I also began to wonder if there was a way to connect all of us lifelong learners, a place to exchange information, edification and inspiration, a forum where we could come together to see we aren’t alone in our belief that play encourages learning.  A place to find support.  Always one to rise to a challenge, and learn new skills I decided to attempt to create such a place.  So here it is, The Tactical Simulation Gaming Society.

It is my hope this can become a place were many folks can post works in progress, inspired lessons, cool Lego creations, after school programs, datafiles, blueprints, whatever inspires us to play, learn or create more.   So whether you’re an educator, student, gamer, painter, or just a lifelong learner please join us in building The Society into something entertaining and inspiring.

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